New Hosting Providers Information

New Hosting Providers Information

Ok a quick heads up on the current hosting provider i am on


Hosting Provider: WebFaction

Hosting Plan: Shared

Disk Space: 10 Gb

Monthly Bandwidth: 600 GB


OS: CentOS5

Processor: Dual Xeon 2.4 Ghz

Memory:  4 GB

Application Memory: 80 Mb (equivalent to 180MB VPS memory)

Data center: ThePlanet

Location: Taxes, United States

Up Time:  18 Days

Load Average: 0.09  0.20 0.09

Disaster Recovery

redundant UPS systems

generator backup

VESDA detection systems

redundant a/c systems

closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances

24 hour guard manned security

fiber from 5 separate providers.

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