Mathematical Argument for Reducing Maldivian MP’s Salary

Mathematical Argument for Reducing Maldivian MP’s Salary

I was reading minivan news today and came across this article regarding the parliamentarians “Privileges” Bill. In the article MP Mahloof argues that the 20,000 MVR additional allowance was needed because  of “number of people petitioning MPs for money and assistance”.  He says that he is   he is giving away about 2000 US dollars a month (roughly 41 %) to constituents. So this got me thinking why not establish a charity with the amount that MP are giving out and pool the money together so to reach more people. Lets do the math and find out how much exactly will this hypothetical charity will have.

So lets say this is the average amount every MP gives out in charity is same as MP Mahloof (41% of the salary of  MVR 62,500)

= 2,000 x 77 = 154,000 US / 1,978,900 MVR @12.85/1$

Add in the proposed 20,000 MVR / MP

= 20,000 x 77 = 1,540,000
= 1,540,000 +  1,978,900
=  3,518,900 MVR a month

Add in the duty the government will collect for 2 duty-free cars which is  200% of MSRP
lets assume that the MP will be modest in their purchase of cars and would buy some thing like a Honda city with MSRP of roughly 13,500 US$ / 173,475 MVR

=  173,475 x 2 (200% duty)
=  (346,950 x 2) x 77 (2 cars per MP)
=  5,3430,300

Now if i am not wrong they are allowed to bring in two cars per term so lets spread that value over 5 years
= 53,430,300 / 5
= 10,686,060 per year or
= 10,686,060 / 12
= 890,505 per month

if we add in the figures from the salary
allowance and collection from importing of cars we get

= 3,518,900 + 890,505
= 4,409,405 MVR a month or
= 56,660,854.25 MVR a year

Most charity run with a operational overhead of 10% so
= 56,660,854.25 * 0.1
= 56,660,854.25 – 5,666,085.425
= 50,994,768.825 is still available

So why not set up a charity fund with the monies as above that can be transparently administered where 41% of MP salary plus what ever that is in this privileges bill be deposited into. after all this way the great unwashed masses will stop bothering the MP’s and they can get on with the sate business.

But it will never happen. The parliament consists of crooks, lairs, embezzler, rapists, gangsters, Idiots, Morons and greedy whores who are wealthier than 99.9% of the constituents they represent who used their ill-gotten gains (how it was obtained is no secret) to bribe and buy their way into the halls of power and get their grubby hands on countries coffers.


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  1. This would be the ideal solution to a lot of their arguments but unfortunately the crux of the issue is that they are neither concerned about resolving our national problems nor do they give two hoots about the plight of the common dhivehi citizen.

  2. I foresee that them idiots will eventually be like em yanks, and have a government holiday.

    Where is anarchy when you need it

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