I just read on the news that Maldives polices service have taken owner ship of a brand spanking new Oracle Exadata. This is such a wast of public funds when the government is at best struggling at worst unable to provide basic public services to the people.  Since i am some what familiar with oracle products and pricing and being a numbers guy i did some back of envelop calculations.
For a minimum config


Item US$
Oracle Exadata x2-2 quarter rack 330000
Exadata Storage Server X2-2 55000
Annual Support 76000

from the picture in the news article  it actually looks like it is a full rack which would be:

Item US$
Oracle Exadata x2-2 full rack 1100000
Exadata Storage Server X2-2 55000
Annual Support 210000

Implementation of the system would be between 70,000 – 150,000 on the low side

Also knowing how oracle operate they probably convinced them to buy ODI and Golden Gate too which run around 6,000 US$ per core. I will let the reader decide how much that will be on a modern server grade  processor with 2x 8 cores.

Their is absolutely no legitimate reason why police would need this kind of hardware to serve 350,000 people. Any DBA who cannot design and optimize data bases with biggest table holding about 350,000 rows (assuming 1 record per citizen) on hardware that is 1/5 of the price of a Exadata solution  needs to be taken out the back, shot stabbed and crucified and his head hung on city gates as a warning to other DBA’s of his incompetence .
Another big question is why did not the experts at NCIT not advice police and stop the police from spending this money ?
Of course all of this is assuming that database is required for legitimate police work. Now if they are tracking every phone call, sms, email (highly doubt full), and URL’s (i am looking at you ROL/Focus ), yes i agree they will require hardware like this.  But if that is the case they are going beyond serve and protect and invading privacy.

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