“Only the Sith deal in absolutes”

“Only the Sith deal in absolutes”

It is one of those rare nights that i am stuck at home with nothing to do (touch wood) so i thought i would watch some star wars  to get some geek cred back.  Since i been told  that i have lost touch with my inner geek in so many words And also to get into the mood since i am going as a storm trooper for the Halloween party

There is point in episode three when Obi wan tells Anikin “Only the Sith deal in absolutes”. If you think about it this is a broken statement as the statement itself is a absolute. and makes the whole pramise of jadi does not deal with absolute moot. Now if you like me spend some unhealthy amount of  time thinking about it it make sense.

You see The Sith deal in absolutes, but do no recognize they exist. They think everything is a grey area, but act as if there is only good and evil with no gray area.

Jedi believe in absolutes, but do not deal in them. They acknowledge the existence of absolutes, but act always in an area where there is another option/solution other than good or evil. They try to see a peaceful third option, essentially.


Anakin was dealing in absolutes without recognizing the possibility of a third option.


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