I seriously cannot understand how not having children is selfish?

I seriously cannot understand how not having children is selfish?

Fetus week 9-10

Having Kids have always been a touchy topic with me and close friends will know about me going on rants about not having kids and all . Today some who shall go unnamed called me Selfish for saying that  I did not want any kids and it touched a never.

So at the risk of never ever getting laid again and alienating some people here is why I do not think that not having kids is in any way or form selfish.

  •  I’m paying taxes without which goes to welfare, schools and immunization programs and whole host of services for family that I do not get to benefit either directly or indirectly.
  • I’m able to hold my own in society – I do not receive any form of government assistance and I don’t receive any tax breaks or credits hell I get taxed maximum amount in my income bracket  because of this .
  • My apartment is set up for occupation by  two people in a relationship. So I’m not taking up space that could be used by families.
  • I’m not adding to the pollution and resource drain of the world by adding another person to the consumption chain.
  • I’m not so arrogant and conceited that I think the loss of my continued genetic lineage is a greater detriment to society than the continuation of it.

Maybe I’m missing the point. Can someone very seriously explain how the “being childfree is selfish” when all arguments begin with, “I don’t want a child?” By not having a child I’m not abandoning something that already exists, I’m avoiding something I don’t want in the first place.

  • I don’t want a speeding ticket, so I don’t speed – but speeding tickets put money into the state’s hands where it can go to benefit someone else.
  • I don’t want to be fat, so I work out (ok swim) – but eating a lot of food helps support the economy

Does all that make me selfish as well?

I don’t like children, I have never liked children and being that I’m at my at late 20′s, I can say I probably never will like children. I cannot afford to have  children  live the life I want. I do not want to be tied down. I do not think society is going to miss out on my genetic diversity. So, rather than be a resentful parent for sacrificing so much for kids that I do not want , I choose not to have children. Is that selfish? I’d say just the opposite.



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