Question for Maldives police service

Question for Maldives police service

Maldives Police Service​ Why do you require a dive school ? Last I checked 100% of all crimes has taken place above water. I know that Statistics and Mathematics (along with forensic science and common sense) is not your forte so I drew a pie chart for you to clearly show the percentages of crimes that has occurred above sea level and below sea level.
% of crime above sea level
If it is too hard to read for you (I know, I know maths is hard and clearly has a opposition/liberal bias) take a  look at the  image below. It’s a chart of things that john snow knows (Their must be a game of thrones fan in your organization right ? right ? right ? <_<) they look exactly the same. meaning like things john snow knows there is 0 (zero/’sume’) crimes that has occurred underwater.

Jon snow also knows how to eat pussy

Unless the law has changed (who knows since laws seem to be ratified over night and who can keep up with that) MNDF and coast guard specifically is responsible for maritime emergency and rescue and they have extremely well-trained military selvage divers and is properly equipped to handle such situations. So argument for have a separate rescue/Selvage unit with in MPS is Moot. Even the bureaucracy is streamlined in a such a manner that if MPS actually needs assistance they can just call on MNDF (I mean you doing that even right now just to deal with the nightly protests)

The only logical reason MPS will need divers much less its very own dives school would be if that the magical pendrive (“Eh pendrive”) has foreseen some kind of aquatic uprising/protest led by aqua man in the near future. If that is the case by all means train the SO team so they can tear gas and apprehend the fish talker.

Fucking fish talker

All though I wish it was true the above scenario is unlikely (But if it is make a PSA about the fish talker people have a right to know, seriously mofo can summon sharks and shit) lets turn to the 1% (well it is actually only 0.32 % of the country but i am not gonna do that math for you its five am as i write this  and I am sure its gonna fly over your heads any way) of the country that you should care about.

You as organization has been allocated 10% of annual government budget which comes to a whopping 6 million MVR / day (Yes I know I know its like chump change for people who hold your leash), lead the world in police officers/capita and police officers/KM2 (can some one tell me how to do super scripts in wordpress) of populated land and by your admission best trained police force in the world and yet violent crimes on the rise, day after day, have unwarranted mass surveillance program (btw not authorized by any law I checked ), a police Integrity commission that is toothless and a government bending over backwards to make sure MPS officers are provided for. Yet the

  • Rate of violent crime is on the rise, weekly murders are the norm of which more than 90% of the cases remain open
  • People who have committed multiple felonies and murders roam the street free. Despite by your own admission have collected large amount of data on the public
  • A traffic police department that is toothless (glorified meter maids who’s only job seem to be placing stickers on vehicles when pointed out by the public)and even lack the basic tools (tow vehicles for four wheeled vehicles) to carry out the mandated task
  • Officers in remote police stations openly working with drug dealers and being high on the job
  • An administrative department that is woe fully incompetent (loosing emails/files) and that work on a glacial pace (eg taking 55 days to answer and email and taking more than a year to confirm a telephone appointment)

You can proudly boast that number of reported crimes are low.  There is a reason for it, every one knows that reporting a crime to your organization at best will have a file open and nothing else will come of it. As a citizen it is easier to forget the wrong you have  been dealt than it is to deal with  MPS.  Some thing stolen and its insured might as well write it off since you are  not gonna get my money back any time soon as the police report will take better part of decade to finish.  I am sure the murder victims families will be thinking that murders or they will die of natural causes before any kind of justice has been served

The only thing that your department seem to be competent at is going after opposition/protesters. In that case you are the example of efficiency (and brutality).

While all those things are pain fully obvious to even for some one who actually live out side of the country you seem to think that best way to use your resources is build a dive school of which you have no use for and will not have use for.  why not divert the money towards departs in your organization that need the money and bolster up the enforcement of the law (You know the thing in the constitution that says your organization must do).

Seriously How is it that feel much more unsafe in a city of 2km with population that is 10 times smaller than the current city i live in with a police presence that is significantly larger per capita and KM2.

FYI your slogan “Serve and protect applies to every one equally” and not to just some people with proper party affiliations and connections

Ok that became way too ranty that i was going for so here is a the TL;DR

100% of all crimes occur above sea level, No reason for a dive school unless aqua man is planing on inciting the sharks to protest (if that is the case by all means train every single officer to dive), money can be better spent on enforcement than on stupid shit.

aqua man watches fish porn

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