No I have NOT joined PPM!!!

No I have NOT joined PPM!!!

Since it  stopped being funny around the 50th time I was asked about it today. let me answer this in one go.

  1. Did you join PPM?
    • No I did not Join PPM 
  2. Did you sell your soul to #YAG?
    • No I did not. It was sold to devil 20 years ago for a can of pepsi
  3. You took a picture with him ?
    • Yes I took a picture with the president of the republic. 
  4. Does it mean you like him ?
    • No my opinion of him has not changed 
  5. But you took a picture with him.
    • some times a picture is a just a picture not a endorsement of who or what is pictured within
  6. You said YAG gave a impressive speech?
    • Yes IMHO he is a good orator and it was a good speech 
  7. So you agree with what he said?
    • Hitler gave impressive speech’s during Nuremberg rally’s too. Just be cause it is a impressive speech does not mean that one have to automatically  agree with the content of the speech
  8. You said you were impressed by first couples humility and patience ?
    • Yes because I would not have had the patience to entertain 300++ odd strangers request for selfies. Especially right after flying in to the country with out any rest. let alone do it with a hint of a smile. and dont get me started on the screaming kids.
  9. So means you support him now ?
    •  No I do not. 
  10. But you said all those nice things about him ?
    • I am perfectly capable of admitting that even people I do not like have redeeming even impressive qualities to them 
  11. I thought you are a hardcore MDP supporter?
    • No I am not. They just happen to be the only viable opposition albeit extremely  incompetent  and naive who also happen to advocate some principles I happen to believe in. I have been a vocal critic of MDP leadership and their incompetency for few years now.
  12. Why the political rants when you say you do not support either ?
    • Because I do not think either side is the solution and I believe public officials should be called out when they assume rest of us are too stupid to know better 
  13. Why do you care about politics when you live so far away ?
    • Because i am still a citizen and I have family that is not so far away   that is directly effected 

Let me make it absolutely clear neither me nor any of my cats are in any way formally or informally  associated with any political party or organization. Because as far as I am concerned the current system is not fixable any more from inside or out.

Also people seriously have you seen my twitter feed ?

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