I think I have finally gone off the deepend..

I think I have finally gone off the deepend..

This might be the high off finally passing the AWS SA pro exam and chronic lack of sleep. But I am gonna try and attempt to go 5/5 certifications before April 20.  If my math is correct that is 3 exams in three weeks. 

  •    Solutions Architect – Associate ✓
  •    Solutions Architect – Professional  ✓
  •    Developer – Associate ✓
  •    SysOps Administrator – Associate ✓
  •    DevOps Engineer – Professional


why you may ask.. I have been needing a good challenge for a while now… is something someone else might say.. come on have you met me. its purely for bragging rights. 

why put this up…to stop my inevitable bout of procrastination that will hit in about 10 mins from posting this, which will lead me to delay and postponed actually doing this. You know dwarf planet sized ego and all.. 

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