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I think I have finally gone off the deepend..

by on Mar.24, 2017, under Uncategorized

This might be the high off finally passing the AWS SA pro exam and chronic lack of sleep. But I am gonna try and attempt to go 5/5 certifications before April 20.  If my math is correct that is 3 exams in three weeks. 

  •    Solutions Architect – Associate ✓
  •    Solutions Architect – Professional  ✓
  •    Developer – Associate ✓
  •    SysOps Administrator – Associate ✓
  •    DevOps Engineer – Professional


why you may ask.. I have been needing a good challenge for a while now… is something someone else might say.. come on have you met me. its purely for bragging rights. 

why put this up…to stop my inevitable bout of procrastination that will hit in about 10 mins from posting this, which will lead me to delay and postponed actually doing this. You know dwarf planet sized ego and all.. 

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No I have NOT joined PPM!!!

by on Mar.29, 2016, under Uncategorized

Since it  stopped being funny around the 50th time I was asked about it today. let me answer this in one go.

  1. Did you join PPM?
    • No I did not Join PPM 
  2. Did you sell your soul to #YAG?
    • No I did not. It was sold to devil 20 years ago for a can of pepsi
  3. You took a picture with him ?
    • Yes I took a picture with the president of the republic. 
  4. Does it mean you like him ?
    • No my opinion of him has not changed 
  5. But you took a picture with him.
    • some times a picture is a just a picture not a endorsement of who or what is pictured within
  6. You said YAG gave a impressive speech?
    • Yes IMHO he is a good orator and it was a good speech 
  7. So you agree with what he said?
    • Hitler gave impressive speech’s during Nuremberg rally’s too. Just be cause it is a impressive speech does not mean that one have to automatically  agree with the content of the speech
  8. You said you were impressed by first couples humility and patience ?
    • Yes because I would not have had the patience to entertain 300++ odd strangers request for selfies. Especially right after flying in to the country with out any rest. let alone do it with a hint of a smile. and dont get me started on the screaming kids.
  9. So means you support him now ?
    •  No I do not. 
  10. But you said all those nice things about him ?
    • I am perfectly capable of admitting that even people I do not like have redeeming even impressive qualities to them 
  11. I thought you are a hardcore MDP supporter?
    • No I am not. They just happen to be the only viable opposition albeit extremely  incompetent  and naive who also happen to advocate some principles I happen to believe in. I have been a vocal critic of MDP leadership and their incompetency for few years now.
  12. Why the political rants when you say you do not support either ?
    • Because I do not think either side is the solution and I believe public officials should be called out when they assume rest of us are too stupid to know better 
  13. Why do you care about politics when you live so far away ?
    • Because i am still a citizen and I have family that is not so far away   that is directly effected 

Let me make it absolutely clear neither me nor any of my cats are in any way formally or informally  associated with any political party or organization. Because as far as I am concerned the current system is not fixable any more from inside or out.

Also people seriously have you seen my twitter feed ?

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Port Test Tool

by on Dec.12, 2015, under Programing

Port test tool

For all sysadmins / Network guys  who are sick and tired of testing connectivity between servers with telenet client here is the first public release of my port test tool. it has ability read list of host,ports from a CSV file, test TCP and UDP ports and output the results to a CSV file too. As allways pull/bug/feature requests welcome

Download the latest release from


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Question for Maldives police service

by on Apr.03, 2015, under Musings

Maldives Police Service​ Why do you require a dive school ? Last I checked 100% of all crimes has taken place above water. I know that Statistics and Mathematics (along with forensic science and common sense) is not your forte so I drew a pie chart for you to clearly show the percentages of crimes that has occurred above sea level and below sea level.
% of crime above sea level
If it is too hard to read for you (I know, I know maths is hard and clearly has a opposition/liberal bias) take a  look at the  image below. It’s a chart of things that john snow knows (Their must be a game of thrones fan in your organization right ? right ? right ? <_<) they look exactly the same. meaning like things john snow knows there is 0 (zero/’sume’) crimes that has occurred underwater.

Jon snow also knows how to eat pussy

Unless the law has changed (who knows since laws seem to be ratified over night and who can keep up with that) MNDF and coast guard specifically is responsible for maritime emergency and rescue and they have extremely well-trained military selvage divers and is properly equipped to handle such situations. So argument for have a separate rescue/Selvage unit with in MPS is Moot. Even the bureaucracy is streamlined in a such a manner that if MPS actually needs assistance they can just call on MNDF (I mean you doing that even right now just to deal with the nightly protests)

The only logical reason MPS will need divers much less its very own dives school would be if that the magical pendrive (“Eh pendrive”) has foreseen some kind of aquatic uprising/protest led by aqua man in the near future. If that is the case by all means train the SO team so they can tear gas and apprehend the fish talker.

Fucking fish talker

All though I wish it was true the above scenario is unlikely (But if it is make a PSA about the fish talker people have a right to know, seriously mofo can summon sharks and shit) lets turn to the 1% (well it is actually only 0.32 % of the country but i am not gonna do that math for you its five am as i write this  and I am sure its gonna fly over your heads any way) of the country that you should care about.

You as organization has been allocated 10% of annual government budget which comes to a whopping 6 million MVR / day (Yes I know I know its like chump change for people who hold your leash), lead the world in police officers/capita and police officers/KM2 (can some one tell me how to do super scripts in wordpress) of populated land and by your admission best trained police force in the world and yet violent crimes on the rise, day after day, have unwarranted mass surveillance program (btw not authorized by any law I checked ), a police Integrity commission that is toothless and a government bending over backwards to make sure MPS officers are provided for. Yet the

  • Rate of violent crime is on the rise, weekly murders are the norm of which more than 90% of the cases remain open
  • People who have committed multiple felonies and murders roam the street free. Despite by your own admission have collected large amount of data on the public
  • A traffic police department that is toothless (glorified meter maids who’s only job seem to be placing stickers on vehicles when pointed out by the public)and even lack the basic tools (tow vehicles for four wheeled vehicles) to carry out the mandated task
  • Officers in remote police stations openly working with drug dealers and being high on the job
  • An administrative department that is woe fully incompetent (loosing emails/files) and that work on a glacial pace (eg taking 55 days to answer and email and taking more than a year to confirm a telephone appointment)

You can proudly boast that number of reported crimes are low.  There is a reason for it, every one knows that reporting a crime to your organization at best will have a file open and nothing else will come of it. As a citizen it is easier to forget the wrong you have  been dealt than it is to deal with  MPS.  Some thing stolen and its insured might as well write it off since you are  not gonna get my money back any time soon as the police report will take better part of decade to finish.  I am sure the murder victims families will be thinking that murders or they will die of natural causes before any kind of justice has been served

The only thing that your department seem to be competent at is going after opposition/protesters. In that case you are the example of efficiency (and brutality).

While all those things are pain fully obvious to even for some one who actually live out side of the country you seem to think that best way to use your resources is build a dive school of which you have no use for and will not have use for.  why not divert the money towards departs in your organization that need the money and bolster up the enforcement of the law (You know the thing in the constitution that says your organization must do).

Seriously How is it that feel much more unsafe in a city of 2km with population that is 10 times smaller than the current city i live in with a police presence that is significantly larger per capita and KM2.

FYI your slogan “Serve and protect applies to every one equally” and not to just some people with proper party affiliations and connections

Ok that became way too ranty that i was going for so here is a the TL;DR

100% of all crimes occur above sea level, No reason for a dive school unless aqua man is planing on inciting the sharks to protest (if that is the case by all means train every single officer to dive), money can be better spent on enforcement than on stupid shit.

aqua man watches fish porn

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Letter to Maldives Police Service

by on Mar.31, 2015, under Music, Musings


Hello Police;

 According to this post by commissioner of police you are collecting large amount of data from the public I have some questions for you.
1) Why is data being collected without proper consent of public? I have never given consent on collection of my private date by MPS or any one
2) What is protecting a rogue officer from leaking private data?
3) How well is this data protected ? is the data encrypted ? if so who has the keys ? who is authorized to view the data ? what is the mechanisms place to air gap this information from internet ?
is the data being stored PCI-DSS complaint? Is  FIPS being implemented ?
4) Under what law is this data collection being authorized ?
5) What data have you collected on me or my family ?
6) For an organization that does not even have the ability to tow illegally parked vehicle is this best way to spend tax payer money?
Every one should email this to Maldives Police services,,
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How long does it take Maldivian police service to answer a email ? / Efficiency of Maldivian Police Service

by on May.21, 2014, under Uncategorized

TL;DR: Maldives Police service has a non functioning email address listed as there contact service.IT  takes 55 days to reply a email with a non answer answer once it is sent to “proper” email address. They are incompetent or lazy or plain just do not care of serving the public in any manner.

I sent this email to Maldives Police service after my grandmother had to spend 45 minutes in a  ambulance unable to get into the house after some asshole parked in front of my house blocking the door. The police took 30 minutes to respond and only thing after they arrived was place a sticker (summon) on the vehicle and stood around. Once i got to know about this i sent the letter to Police asking them some questions. on 18th  of February 2014. The email address I sent this email to was on there contact us page Here is a screen shot in case they change it take on 5/21/2014

Maldives Police service sucks balls

Published Police email

Mr Commissionaire of Police;
  What is your services KPI for responding to calls ? Is your service classified as a emergency / first responder service? If so is 30 minutes acceptable time  arrive any place in Male ? Why did we have to find the owner of the vehicle and contact the offending driver ourselves ?. I managed to contact your duty officer in charge  today from what he told me the average response time is 10 minutes for male. So why did it take 30 minutes for the officers to arrive at my house. They were clearly informed that a elderly sick patient was on a stretcher that could not be brought into the house. On top of that when I asked him why did  the officers not move the van and put a sticker on it and look on. I was told that this was due to not having tow vehicle in police. If they did not have tow vehicles why did they not break the glass to disengage the parking break to move it ? And are you seriously telling me Police service has such a lack of resources it is easier for a citizen to find the owner of a vehicle than police ?. I inquired from your duty officer what if my grandmother was stuck inside the house and we had to rush her out to hospital will Police take responsibility for any thing that happens to her cause of your services dillydally lack luster response ? or will your service throw your hands up in the air and say that there is nothing that could be done about it ?
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Demonstration of Reverse OpenSSL Reverse Heart Bleed Bug CVE-2014-0160

by on Apr.11, 2014, under Programing

heart-bleed-bug Heart Bleed is turning out to be one of the worst bugs to hit web. While sys admins every where have been rushing to fix the web facing servers. Worst of it was thought to be mitigated by patching the servers and loadbalancers that terminated the SSL connections. It has now been demonstrated that clients that use openssl is also effected and these include

  • MariaDB 5.5.36
  • wget 1.15 (leaks memory of earlier connections and own state)
  • curl 7.36.0
  • git 1.9.1 (tested clone / push, leaks not much)
  • nginx 1.4.7 (in proxy mode, leaks memory of previous requests)
  • links 2.8 (leaks contents of previous visits!)
  • links is a great example that demonstrates the effect of this bug on clients. It is a text-based browser that leaks details including headers (cookies, authorization tokens) and page contents

A malicious server can take advantage of this and copy the memory contents from an unsuspecting client memorys as demoed here

rv heart bleed demo 2

here I am trying to load a Image from one of my servers that has social media content then after i load the page i connect to a malicious server that tries to exploit this bug.

Here is the content the server was to able to grab from from the client.
rv heart bleed demo 1

As you can seen I am able to get exif data of the loaded image and partial content of image.

Here is another demo where by i try to connect to maybanklogin page. then connect to my malicious server. As you can see I am able to get the header passed by the page and partial content of the page too

rv heart bleed demo 3

rv heart bleed demo 4

Please do note this is not a bug on server side but a bug on client side so go and update your OpenSSL library asap. You can get the demo code from

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Epilogue of humanity

by on Dec.04, 2013, under Musings

We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another. – J. Robert Oppenheimer after a nuclear test at Los Alamos.

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