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How long does it take Maldivian police service to answer a email ? / Efficiency of Maldivian Police Service

by on May.21, 2014, under Uncategorized

TL;DR: Maldives Police service has a non functioning email address listed as there contact service.IT  takes 55 days to reply a email with a non answer answer once it is sent to “proper” email address. They are incompetent or lazy or plain just do not care of serving the public in any manner.

I sent this email to Maldives Police service after my grandmother had to spend 45 minutes in a  ambulance unable to get into the house after some asshole parked in front of my house blocking the door. The police took 30 minutes to respond and only thing after they arrived was place a sticker (summon) on the vehicle and stood around. Once i got to know about this i sent the letter to Police asking them some questions. on 18th  of February 2014. The email address I sent this email to was on there contact us page Here is a screen shot in case they change it take on 5/21/2014

Maldives Police service sucks balls

Published Police email

Mr Commissionaire of Police;
  What is your services KPI for responding to calls ? Is your service classified as a emergency / first responder service? If so is 30 minutes acceptable time  arrive any place in Male ? Why did we have to find the owner of the vehicle and contact the offending driver ourselves ?. I managed to contact your duty officer in charge  today from what he told me the average response time is 10 minutes for male. So why did it take 30 minutes for the officers to arrive at my house. They were clearly informed that a elderly sick patient was on a stretcher that could not be brought into the house. On top of that when I asked him why did  the officers not move the van and put a sticker on it and look on. I was told that this was due to not having tow vehicle in police. If they did not have tow vehicles why did they not break the glass to disengage the parking break to move it ? And are you seriously telling me Police service has such a lack of resources it is easier for a citizen to find the owner of a vehicle than police ?. I inquired from your duty officer what if my grandmother was stuck inside the house and we had to rush her out to hospital will Police take responsibility for any thing that happens to her cause of your services dillydally lack luster response ? or will your service throw your hands up in the air and say that there is nothing that could be done about it ?
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