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41 Reasons why I shouldn’t be a father

by on Jun.13, 2010, under Uncategorized

  • 1. I’d undoubtably call the child Spider-man or Optimus Prime or something.
  • 2. Failing that, I’d just call him or her Optimus Prime or Spiderman or something, regardless of what’s on his/her’s birth cert. To prove, I’ll name my hypothetical child Shepard for the remainder of this list.
  • 3. Shepard’s first language would be C.
  • 4. I’d train him from day one to be a superhero some day. This is apparently a bad thing.
  • 5. I’d smack him if he didn’t use grammar more or less correctly in any language he speaks.
  • 6. I’m dyslexic so he would not be able to spell
  • 7. I’d leave him in the wilderness at a young age for a few weeks to let him fend for himself.
  • 8. I’d feed him a small amount of various toxins every few days in increasing amounts to help him build up a resistance.
  • 9. I’d train him in the art of gun kata from four years of age.
  • 10. Shepard’s mother would presumably be some sort of android.
  • 11. Speaking of, at birth, I would replace a few of his body parts with replaceable robotic ones.
  • 12. I’d end up eating all of his Coco Pops.

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by on Mar.28, 2010, under Art, News

Even though New Moon has made a bazillion dollars and even though the third Twilight book, Eclipse, is already filming, Summit has declined to announce the fourth and final Twilight book as a movie. There’s a good reason for this: Breaking Dawn is completely fucking insane, and it is probably totally unfilmable. But if they do film it… man, we are in for a treat.

Breaking Dawn opens with Bella Swan, the lacteal heroine of the series, finally getting married to Edward Cullen, the mopey vampire hero. They go off to honeymoon on Isle Esme, a Brazilian island the Cullen clan owns (this is already ridiculous beyond belief. Imagine a vampire going snorkeling; it basically happens in this book), and Edward is afraid to fuck his new bride. The reason: he’s super strong and she’s just a human – Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex type of situation here. But Bella wears him down and Edward throws it in her – and knocks her the fuck out, leaving her badly bruised.

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Strategies to mitigate web application database scalability issues via the use of NOSQL

by on Mar.12, 2010, under APIIT/UCTI


The rise of web applications — websites that replace the functions of a software program that was traditionally installed on a personal computer – was one of the hottest topics in the tech industry. Huge numbers of “Web 2.0” startups are competing for user attention, and many observers predict rapid growth for web applications (Rubicon Consulting, Inc. 2007). Usage of a web application can outpace initial expectations. Growth is good for business but creates some real challenges when it comes to trying to keep everything up and running speedily along specially increasing traffic to web applications poses great challenges to database servers. End users are becoming more and more sensitive to the quality of the offered services. This requires addressing issues such as pushing quality of service (QoS) requirements into database processing and providing database system scalability (Ye 2002). But applications suffer from unpredictable load, especially due to events such as breaking news (e.g., Hurricane Katrina) and sudden popularity spikes (e.g., the “Slashdot Effect”) (Amit Manjhi 2009). Investing in a server farm that can accommodate such high loads is not only expensive (particularly after factoring in the management costs) but also risky because the expected customers might not show up. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) provide such service by maintaining a large, shared infrastructure to absorb the load spikes that may occur for any individual application. However, CDNs currently do not provide a way to scale the database component of a Web application they only provide a way to mitigate network load hence the CDN solution is not sufficient when the database system is the bottle-neck, as such is in many web applications.

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The Future: Argumented Reality

by on Feb.14, 2010, under cool, Programing

This is the new set up that is being rolled out all lego stores around the world. Imagine this technology coming to wireless contact lenses that that can project images in wearers field of vision. Imagine a world where

  • Bookstores will have the top 5 reviews hover above any book you take off the shelf
  • Showing relationship status above our heads so we can date new people.
  • system will analyze body language of another so the socially awkward will receive cues on how to better communicate with the opposite sex.
  • Show what song you are currently listening too
  • See how many calories something has before you eat it
  • Be aware of the average crime rate of the area you are in by the color of the road.
  • And australian spiders will finally have health bars,
  • being able to watch tv from any where with images filling up whole feild of vision

we truly live in the future

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Live from the Apple ‘latest creation’ event

by on Jan.28, 2010, under cool, News

Live from Yerba Buena Centre in San Francisco;

1:07 am: Doors to the centre are yet to be opened reporters and celebrity look alike are waiting patiently out side for the doors to opens

out side the convention center

1:018: Engadget reports of large crowds and festive moods; its party in the usa baby

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single equation for the graph of a marijuana leaf

by on Jan.25, 2010, under Art, cool

here is a cool poler plot graph that draws out a pot leaf
PolarPlot[(1 + 0.9 Cos[8 t]) (1 + 0.1 Cos[24 t]) (0.9 + 0.05 Cos[200 t]) (1 + Sin[t]), {t, -Pi, Pi}]

the out put of the equation is below

click here to see the the equation plotted by wolfram alpha

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Arena Forum is up

by on Jan.08, 2010, under Site Administration

Arena green forum is up and running. Its just a basic skeleton that is runing now. If you have any suggestion on categories and forum to be put in their leave a comment or email to me or shaad or asyad.  Currently their is a issue with the server not redirecting to the forum. I am trying to solve it now and it should direct correctly soon enough but if any of your graphics gurus want to put a page their with a cool logo or some thing email me and i will make the arrangements.

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