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Reddit URL Harvester

by on Mar.31, 2011, under cool, Programing

snooI was browsing Reddit and I stumbled  upon a small sub-reddit at /r/Earthporn this small conner of Reddit had higres pictures of earth scenery.  From there i was directed to  /r/CityPorn, /r/SpacePorn , /r/MachinePorn/r/AnimalPorn and /r/BotanicalPorn all HD pic. This got me thinking since i am lazy as fuck i did not want to spend every day going through six sub-reddit download and save them the best way to do is to automate the process.

In order to download the images the first thing that needed to be down was to harvest the urls from the sub-reddits home page. I could have gone and screen scraped with beautiful soup but reddit provides this nifty feature where by if you append .json to end of a url eg it will return the json file for the corresponding page with posts and urls and other data (also if you append .xml it will return and XML file with the pages data ). This allows me to skip all the dirty crud of passing html of a constenly changing page. Below is the version 0.0.1 of URL harvester code.
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41 Reasons why I shouldn’t be a father

by on Jun.13, 2010, under Uncategorized

  • 1. I’d undoubtably call the child Spider-man or Optimus Prime or something.
  • 2. Failing that, I’d just call him or her Optimus Prime or Spiderman or something, regardless of what’s on his/her’s birth cert. To prove, I’ll name my hypothetical child Shepard for the remainder of this list.
  • 3. Shepard’s first language would be C.
  • 4. I’d train him from day one to be a superhero some day. This is apparently a bad thing.
  • 5. I’d smack him if he didn’t use grammar more or less correctly in any language he speaks.
  • 6. I’m dyslexic so he would not be able to spell
  • 7. I’d leave him in the wilderness at a young age for a few weeks to let him fend for himself.
  • 8. I’d feed him a small amount of various toxins every few days in increasing amounts to help him build up a resistance.
  • 9. I’d train him in the art of gun kata from four years of age.
  • 10. Shepard’s mother would presumably be some sort of android.
  • 11. Speaking of, at birth, I would replace a few of his body parts with replaceable robotic ones.
  • 12. I’d end up eating all of his Coco Pops.

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Reddit clone in ASM

by on Feb.10, 2010, under cool, Programing

here is reddit clone rewritten in x86 asm Assembly

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